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    "p3xrs": {
        "http": {
            "port-info": "this is ommitted, it will be default 7843",
            "port": 7843
        "connections": {
            "home-dir-info": "if the dir config is empty or home, the connections are saved in the home folder, otherwise it will resolve the directory set as it is, either relative ./ or absolute starting with /. NodeJs will resolve this directory in p3xrs.connections.dir",
            "home-dir": "home"
        "static-info": "This is the best configuration, if it starts with ~, then it is in resolve the path in the node_modules, otherwise it resolves to the current process current working directory.",
        "static": "~p3x-redis-ui-material/dist",
        "license-key": "future-use",
        "treeDividers": [