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[//]: #@corifeus-header **I am trying to save up for a static IP address, if you have to give, any small amount, please donate! Thank you very much!** [![Like Corifeus @ Facebook](]( [![Donate for Corifeus / P3X](]( [![Contact Corifeus / P3X](]( [![Build Status](]( [![Uptime Robot ratio (30 days)](]( --- # 🤖 P3X Experimental AI / machine learning / tensors based UI playground v2019.1.4-2 This is an open-source project. Star this repository, if you like it, or even donate! Thank you so much! :) I run my own server with dynamic IP address, so, it may happen, that the server can not be reachable for about max 15 minutes, due to nature of the dynamic DNS. The server may also be unreachable, when I backup the SSD with Clonzilla (very rarely) or an electrical issue (but this should not happen again). When the server is down, please hang on for 15-30 minutes and the server will be back up. All my domains ( and could have errors, since I am developing in my free time. However, it is usually stable. **Bugs are evident™ - MATRIX️** ### Node Version Requirement ``` >=10.13.0 ``` ### Built on Node ``` v11.6.0 ``` The ```async``` and ```await``` keywords are required. Install NodeJs: # Description [//]: #@corifeus-header:end This App only works the latest browser - eg. there is no Babel and I am using ES2017 features. ## Deployed playground ## Uses * * * * ### Classification!msg/tfjs/Sc-r53YMyGc/IYL6Q_8zDQAJ #### Blog post ##### Github repo #### Retrain ### Functions Webcam is required, as well a computer that works with WebGl. * Recognize * Recognize at most 3 objects in a video with a probability * You can choose 2 objects and name them * Capture an image from the webcam and assign it to one of the named object * Make sure that every name object have at least 15 captures * Then you can train the neural network * Then when you can guess which named object is shown on the webcam right now ## How to run on your own localhost ```bash git clone cd play-ai-ui npm install npm run dev # open http://localhost:8080 ``` ## The programs [Here are the programs]( [//]: #@corifeus-footer --- [**P3X-PLAY-AI-UI**]( Build v2019.1.4-2 [![Like Corifeus @ Facebook](]( [![Donate for Corifeus / P3X](]( [![Contact Corifeus / P3X](]( ## P3X Sponsors [IntelliJ - The most intelligent Java IDE]( [![JetBrains](]( [![NoSQLBooster](]( [The Smartest IDE for MongoDB]( [//]: #@corifeus-footer:end