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[//]: #@corifeus-header # ☕ OpenWrt with latest NodeJs, Redis and Linksys WRT Wifi [//]: #@corifeus-header:end # Linksys WRT 3200ACM 160Mhz You have to find out the channel that in your country was setup with the router is working. For me, I am Hungarian, but the router is FR based in FRANCE in EUROPE (or European Linksys is usually is FR), the ```100, 120 channel``` is working well, I think upwards channels ```100```. But for now, it is using the ```radar detection``` and it is changing the channels and it works. ## Check status ```bash iw reg get iw dev ``` ## Picture Though I set 160Mhz, but my clients only know 80Mhz right now, but with the settings, it still works, so 160Mhz is working: ![Linksys-3200ACM-160Mhz]( "Linksys-3200ACM-160Mhz") ## This is important Below: ```Wireless scurity``` set ```Cipher``` to ```Force CCMP (AES)```. ```bash reboot && exit ``` or just ```Save and Apply``` in ```LUCI```. # More info [//]: #@corifeus-footer --- [**P3X-OPENWRT-INSOMNIA**]( Build v2019.4.5 [![Donate for Corifeus / P3X](]( [![Contact Corifeus / P3X](]( [![Like Corifeus @ Facebook](]( ## P3X Sponsors [IntelliJ - The most intelligent Java IDE]( [![JetBrains](]( [![NoSQLBooster](]( [The Smartest IDE for MongoDB]( [//]: #@corifeus-footer:end