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[//]: #@corifeus-header # ☕ OpenWrt with latest NodeJs, Redis and Linksys WRT Wifi [//]: #@corifeus-header:end # Start By now, the whole build system is automated. This is just for historical documentary. # First save the existing packages * SSH into the router ```bash # this is my own script but you can get the installed packages with some hacking # this is good if you want your own firmware # that builds all packages you now have opkg list-installed > opkg-list-installed.txt ``` * mc * via Midnight Commander you add to your repo via shell patrikx3@{router-name} * Copy the opkg-list-installed.txt file to {router-name}/opkg-list-installed.txt as well # Make the raw firmware By now, it is using faster with the helpers above, but below you can do it by hand to change everything easy. # Build All packages You start with: ```bash ./build-docker ``` Make sure you know there are already build docker images, so you don't really need it. The same, if you have a server instead ``````, you can change it at wish. There is a newer ```mwlwifi``` faster, newer package, they are in ```openwrt-insomnia/patches```, you can copy them safely into the ```/build/source```. **D-LINK DIR 860L B1 is not working 18.06.2**. * Target System * Marvell Armada EBU Armada => Linksys WRT Multiple * D-Link DIR-860l B1 => MediaTek Ralink MIPS * Broadcom BCM27xx => RPI 3 * Subtarget * Marvell Armada 37x/38x/XP => Linksys WRT Multiple * D-Link DIR-860l B1 => MT7621 * BCM2710 64bit based boards => RPI 3 * Target Profile * Multiple devices => Linksys WRT Multiple * D-Link DIR-860l B1 => MT7621 * Raspberrry Pi 3B => RPI 3 * Target Devices (for now is only Linksys WRT Multiple) * Enable all profiles by default * THIS IS PROBABLY IMPORTANT -> Use a per-device root filesystem that add profile packages * Global build settings * Select all target specific packages by default * THIS MIGHT NOT NEEDED -> Select all kernel module packages by default * Select all userspace packages by default * EXPERIMENTAL, not using it anymore -> Set build defaults for automatic builds * EXPERIMENTAL, not using it anymore -> UNCHECK Collect kernel debug information * Kernel build options * Compile the kernel with MIPS FPU Emulator * ONLY For D-Link DIR860L B1 * Advanced configuration options * Enable log files during build process * Build the OpenWrt Image Build * Include package repositories * Image configuration - ENTER * Version configuration options - ENTER * Release version code * insomnia * Seperate feed repositories * select * Languages * Node.js * node * Configuration * Version Selection * 11.x * SELECT ALL * Libraries * libavahi-compat-libdnssd (*) * ONLY FOR R-PI3 * Network * Web Servers/Proxies * apache * Configuration * Enable HTTP2 * nginx * select all CONFIGURATION * check all * Utililties * mc ---> * Configuration * enable internal editor UNCHECK * Exit * YES Copy the .config file to {router-name}/source/.config # In an another terminal you can increase the buidling ```bash # for me using multiple cores the main build I always get errors, so I always use just 1 core # I do this instead # find out the PID watch 'ps -aux | grep "make\|m4\|cc1"' # end just to do this sudo renice -20 -u 1000 # for docker I also added renice, I checked out the dockerd pid and I added in ps -aux | grep dockerd # you get the PID sudo renice -20 10728 # this was the dockerd PID ``` [//]: #@corifeus-footer --- [**P3X-OPENWRT-INSOMNIA**]( Build v2019.4.5 [![Donate for Corifeus / P3X](]( [![Contact Corifeus / P3X](]( [![Like Corifeus @ Facebook](]( ## P3X Sponsors [IntelliJ - The most intelligent Java IDE]( [![JetBrains](]( [![NoSQLBooster](]( [The Smartest IDE for MongoDB]( [//]: #@corifeus-footer:end