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client = '/usr/bin/git' ; Your git executable path
default_branch = 'master' ; Default branch when HEAD is detached
repositories[] = '/home/git/repositories/' ; Path to your repositories
                                           ; If you wish to add more repositories, just add a new line

;client = '"C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git.exe"' ; Your git executable path
;repositories[] = 'C:\Path\to\Repos\' ; Path to your repositories

; You can hide repositories from GitList, just copy this for each repository you want to hide
; hidden[] = '/home/git/repositories/BetaTest'

debug = false
cache = true

; If you need to specify custom filetypes for certain extensions, do this here
; extension = type
; dist = xml

; If you need to set file types as binary or not, do this here
; extension = true
; svh = false
; map = true